Creating Blockchain or Crypto Videos?

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Note: Videos discovered by BCS and our community — copyright is owned by the publisher, not BCS, and video streamed directly from their youtube channel.



How do I get my Show/Channel on BCS (The Blockchain Story) Videos?

BCS Videos is programmed using YouTube RSS feeds. You provide us the link to your YouTube RSS feed; we load it into the system, program it and process it on an ongoing basis for fast and seamless play over BCS mobile apps and wesite.

Requirements to get listed on BCS Videos:

  • Channel should be related to Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Distributed Systems.
  • YouTube Channel ID
  • YouTube Channel Link
  • Channel Name and Description

Why should I add my YouTube Channel to BCS?

BCS is a rapidly growing platform where Blockchain and Crypto Enthusiasts come to get informed and participate in the growing ecosystem. By distributing your show/channel on BCS, you immediately extend your audience. Our aim is to spread knowledge and awareness towards digital assets.

Does BCS strip out my existing advertising?

No. BCS keeps your advertiser's message intact in your channel, providing extended reach and value.

What if my channel is already on BCS and I didn't know I was a partner?

In an effort to build a great platform to support Blockchain and Crypto content creators and their audiences, we fulfill requests from users and producers, alike. We have made attempts to reach out and establish a content partnership with each Show/Channel added to the BCS line-up. Content Producers, of course, have the option to opt out at any time.

Email if you wish to add or remove your show from BCS.